loongson successfully verifies the prototype of its 32-pg电子试玩入口

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12-23 2022

loongson successfully verifies the prototype of its 32-core server chip 3d5000

loongson technology has recently verified the prototype of its 32-core 3d5000 processor.

ls3d5000 is a 32-core cpu product for servers that packages two 3c5000 silicon dies together by using the chiplet technology. the processor comes with 32 la464 cores and 64mb of on-chip shared cache and supports eight-channel ddr4-3200 ecc memory. it has five high-speed hypertransport interfaces to connect i/o expansion bridge chips, making it possible to build a single/dual/quad-socket server system with up to 128 cores. the chip also integrates a trusted platform module (tpm).

the ls3d5000, measuring 75.4×58.5×6.5mm, is packaged in a lga-4129 socket. its cores can run at 2.0ghz and above, with a typical power consumption of 130w at 2.0ghz or 170w at 2.2ghz and a tdp of no more than 300w at 2.2ghz. the measured scores of spec cpu2006 base for single and dual-socket servers exceed 400 and 800 points, respectively, while quad-socket servers are expected to reach a score of 1,600 points.