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01-06 2023

loongson technology completes tape-out of its custom chip ls2k1500 for industrial control

loongson technology has recently completed the tape-out of its new cpu, loongson 2k1500, which will be specifically used for industrial control applications in areas such as electric power, rail transit, intelligent manufacturing, and industrial network security. the result of preliminary functional debugging and performance testing has shown that its functions are all normal and that its performance meets expectations.


▋loongarch platform

the ls2k1500 integrates two la264 cores, with a frequency of 1.0ghz.

▋abundant interfaces

in terms of interfaces and functionality, the chip integrates ddr3, pcie 3.0, and sata 3.0 interfaces, with the pcie interface featuring the ep mode and dma capability. additionally, it provides a wealth of small interfaces like spi, can, i2c, and pwm, along with usb interfaces, and supports emmc.

▋ultra-low power consumption

the plastic version of ls2k1500 uses an fc-bga package. due to the improved manufacturing process and the low-power design, the chip features a typical power consumption of less than 2.8w, meeting the requirements for low-power industrial control.