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01-11 2023

loongson technology completes tape-out of its new general-purpose soc ls2k2000

in mid-december 2022, loongson technology completed the preliminary functional debugging and performance testing for ls2k2000, which achieved the design objectives. now, solution debugging is fully underway, with trials to be launched shortly.


▋loongarch platform

the ls2k2000 chip integrates two la364 processor cores that share a 2mb l2 cache, and has a typical operating frequency of 1.5ghz. at 1.5ghz, the spec 2006 int (base) single-core fixed/floating-point scores reach 13.5 and 14.9 points, respectively.

▋proprietary gpu core

ls2k2000 integrates the company's self-developed lg120 gpu core, which further optimizes graphics algorithms and performance.

▋abundant interfaces

the chip features a wide range of i/o interfaces, including 72-bit ddr4-2400 (supporting ecc), pcie 3.0, sata 3.0, usb 3.0/2.0, hdmi, dvo, gnet, gmac, audio interfaces, sdio, emmc, and more.

▋special modules and interfaces

it also integrates a trusted platform module (tpm) and specialized industrial interfaces such as rapid io, tsn, and can.

▋packaging and power consumption

the plastic version of ls2k2000, measuring 27×27mm, uses an fc-bga883 package and also supports high-grade packaging.

thanks to its various low-power control methods, the ls2k2000 enjoys good scalability in power consumption. preliminary test results show that its power consumption is about 9w in high-performance mode and about 4w in balanced-performance mode. thus, the chip can meet the needs of various application scenarios.

loongson technology will develop a series of soc chips for different niche markets on the basis of the ls2k2000 design platform to meet the needs of customers in a more precise way.

the launch of ls2k2000 marks the formation of a loongarch-based cpu series, which consists of loongson 1c102, 1c103, 2k0500, 2k1000la, 2k1500, 2k2000, 3a5000, and 3c5000 (whose performance levels range from low to high).